The Most Expensive One-Page Content I've Ever Seen 

New Type of Printable @ 24,000 Store Sales 

Sometimes people make mistakes 

LOTS of mistakes 

But they end up doing ONE thing right...


Yes, this is REAL 

But let me prove it to you.

First, look at the price:

Next, she clearly tells customers...

Right on the sales page...

That she's selling just ONE single PDF!

Then she boldly states:

I don't accept returns, exchanges, or cancellations.


That sounds pretty final!

So, ONE simple PDF...

For $68 dollars...

How many sales could she possibly have?

See for yourself:

Over 24,000 store sales!

Clearly, customers don't mind the premium price 

And are fine with her NO-REFUND Policy 

So, how did she manage this MASSIVE success?

She uses a very clever technique

That positions her simple PDF as HIGH VALUE 

And it makes people GLADLY pay her $68 dollars...

For one BASIC PDF!

AND she's targeting High-Value Categories

Which means she's targeting HIGH-VALUE CUSTOMERS 

She's aiming at people who can EASILY pay

Who are in fact HAPPY to pay her PREMIUM prices 

Her PDF is extremely SIMPLE

It's mostly just text

And a little bit of free clip art 

It's pretty much Copy and Paste 

What she's doing is EASY

But extremely EFFECTIVE 

So she has a real edge right now 

Because most sellers haven't figured this out yet

Most people who create micro-content make one BIG mistake:

They don't target High-Value Customers!

This is a sad thing to see

They are cheating themselves out of a lot of money 

Some people can afford a Porsche

Some people can afford a Rolex, too

Some people can't

That's just a fact of life

So why give the rich guy a bargain price?


He's willing to pay MUCH more

Why cheat YOU?

Here's the truth:

You deserve to get paid for your work


Paid well and in full 

Let me shock you again 

With another seller's success.

First, look at the price:

She plainly says her product is:

Digital download (3 PDFs)

Just three basic PDFs 

Nothing else included:

Then she lets everybody know:

I don't accept returns, exchanges, or cancellations.

That sounds pretty stern!

So, how many sales did she make?

Over 1,600 store sales 

And she's a NEW seller!

Clearly, people are passionate for what she's selling 

Her sales are increasing each and every day

How on earth did she do this so quickly?

People are HAPPILY handing her $80 dollars a pop

For three SIMPLE PDFs

And also giving her overflowing 5-Star reviews...

It's because she launched in a Life-or-Death category 

That gave buyers NO CHOICE 

They HAD to buy her PDFs

And now they praise her for it!

AND she put a PREMIUM price on her work

She didn't short-change herself 

She targeted High-Value Customers 

And she is darn happy with all her royalties

Are you sitting down right now?


Because I don't want you to fall over...

When you see this next one!

First, what's the price?

It's definitely a premium price

Take a look:

Ok, what's she offering?

Two basic JPEGs and one simple PDF

That's all:

Guess what?


I don't accept returns, exchanges, or cancellations.

So, how many sales did she get?

Maybe just a few?

A humble handful of sales?

Take a look for yourself:

Over 33,000 store sales!

That is what I call a REAL SUCCESS 

Do the math for yourself 

This is MUCH more than a side income 

What's her secret of success?

Guess what...

She combined BOTH of the above techniques!!

And her sales went OFF THE CHART 

All three of these sellers...

Are just average, ordinary people

Just like you, just like me

But they did 2 things right:

1 - They targeted High-Value Customers 

2 - They didn't Short-Change themselves!

They didn't CHEAT themselves 

They put a PREMIUM price on their products 

And it worked like a charm 

You will see all the 5-Star reviews for yourself 

If you want to make REAL money with micro-content...

You need to target HIGH-VALUE Categories like these.


People are willing to pay a LOT more than you think 

I want you to be BOLD

And put a PREMIUM price on your micro-content

Don't back down 

Don't sabotage your own royalties!

When you target High-Value Customers...

You make your life much EASIER

They are COMFORTABLE with paying MORE 

And I hope you're comfortable with being paid more!

I have many, many more examples like these

And I'm going to show you every single one 

The demand is truly shocking

And the profitable categories are endless

I will reveal everything to you step-by-step 

Exactly how these three achieved their success 

You'll be amazed at how simple it really is

And how quickly this all happened for them 

Here's the reality:

You MUST get PAID for your work

Not cheated

NOT short-changed

I want you to have an easier life

A fuller life

With MORE royalties 

And LESS worry!

Do you know why?

Because I believe YOU are HIGH-VALUE!

You work hard

And you should definitely get paid WELL

Godspeed with everything you do!

I'm wishing you HEALTH and HAPPINESS  

I have a ton more to share with you 

And I will see you on the inside!

PS: YES, these are Printables. What are Printables? Printables are simple PDFs that customers purchase from you, download them, and PRINT them out. It's basically just a simple PDF that customers print on paper.

PPS: But these AREN'T your average, everyday Printables. They are a very specific type of Printable that makes them UNIQUE and High-Value. I've seen absolutely nobody teaching this anywhere. That means we are WAY AHEAD of everybody else!

PPPS: NO, these are NOT printable wall art. I love printable wall art, BUT these are something UNIQUE that sells at a much higher velocity than wall art. You've seen the numbers for yourself!

LAST CHANCE @ $17.97

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I MUST make sure that all of us USE this technique first and actually make money before the competition jumps in. So I'm closing this permanently to give us all a real head start.

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I've helped many authors achieve success 

I've helped them get their books visible. I've seen them switch to a whole new lifestyle. It's a beautiful thing to have true fans of your creative work. It's hard to believe there are that many people out there who think like you!

But there's one thing these successful authors have in common: They didn't quit! You are a creative soul. You must get your voice out to the world. Quitting is not an option. Investing in your success is.

Godspeed to you and all your writing projects. Once your publishing income replaces your day job, you will never look back. You will now be a full-time creator. You will work anytime and anywhere you wish. And you will be free.

Paul J Coleman
- Author/Consultant 

LAST CHANCE @ $17.97

I want to take this OFF THE MARKET as quickly as possible.

I MUST make sure that all of us USE this technique first and actually make money before the competition jumps in. So I'm closing this permanently to give us all a real head start.

Currently still available:

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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