The FEWER words she writes..

The MORE she gets paid!

Yes, it sounds INSANE...

But it's absolutely TRUE 

She sells a single PDF 

And it has just 10 words on it

It's mostly BLANK SPACE 

But the customers love it

She has over 10,000 reviews 

AND she's been awarded Star Seller status 

Her name is Tina

She creates simple One-Pagers

That a child could make 

And she's making full-time royalties 

First, it's just ONE page:

The price is $8.50

Ok, but HOW MANY sales??

She's definitely doing something right!

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She's making great royalties

On something very simple

Exactly HOW SIMPLE...

Guess what? 

Her One-Pager is almost completely blank! 

It contains just 10 words

And it sells like wildfire 

The LESS words she puts on the page...

The MORE the customers LOVE it

Sounds counterintuitive 

But it's absolutely true 

In other words:

The less effort she makes...

The more money she makes!

And the more THANKS she receives 

What's her secret? 

Her secret is being SIMPLE

She picked a specific Launch Category 

And made a very USEFUL one-pager


She's launching in Categories that no one else is. 

Underused and unused Categories 

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Nobody else is doing this

She pioneered it

She tested with blood, sweat, and tears

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Ninety percent of her success...

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That's how powerful these Categories are

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I will reveal to you her current Category 

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I NEVER would have thought of this

She is one smart businesswoman!

We still want to create QUALITY STUFF

That helps the customer 

That's USEFUL to the customer 

But the right Launch Category can do miracles 

This is the simplest one-page content possible

It contains very few words   

It's extremely basic   

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Yes, you can be humble and still profit!

There's nothing flashy here

We make simple one-pagers 

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And there's NO SHAME in collecting royalties!

You earned it!

You keep it!

And hopefully it makes your life a little better 

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I've helped many authors 

I've helped them get their books visible. I've seen them switch to a whole new attitude. It's a beautiful thing to have true fans of your creative work. It's hard to believe there are that many people out there who think like you!

But there's one thing these successful authors have in common: They didn't quit! You are a creative soul. You must get your voice out to the world. Quitting is not an option. Investing in your success is.

Godspeed to you and all your writing projects. Once your publishing income replaces your day job, you will never look back. You will now be a full-time creator. You will work anytime and anywhere you wish. And you will be free.

Paul J Coleman
- Author/Consultant 

Limited Time @ $17.97

These categories are WIDE OPEN for us to launch in! We have a massive head start right now. I can only leave this open for a short while.

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